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The general rules of using the Website

You acknowledge that D’Ornano Partners (hereinafter: the “Firm” or the “Law Firm”) is entitled to the copyrights of the content of the present website, therefore you agree not to reproduce, distribute, sell, copy or print its content other than for your own personal use. It is permitted to use the articles and publications uploaded to the website in the interest of your own academic research and work, with the appropriate indication of the date, author and the source.
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Limitation of liability

You hereby acknowledge that the Website provides only general information on issues related to the legal sector, and it in no case contains extensive and official legal opinions and/or advice of such nature. The Firm is not responsible for your loss or damage resulting from relying on the information contained on the Website without any prior investigation, confirmation or affirmation. You may not rely on the content of this Website. By using this Website You agree not to share private and confidential information via unbidden e-mails, otherwise you shall bear its consequences. Unbidden e-mails do not create a lawyer-client relationship.
You are responsible for the protection of your computer, phone, or any device used in accessing the Website, while the Firm makes no warranties for the viruses, bugs or any other technical error.

Proprietary rights of the website

The Website and any work and material composing the Website, including, but not limited to, any text, article, newsletter, press release, presentation, brochure, illustration, photograph, software, digital animation, drawing, logo, are and remain the exclusive property of the Law Firm.
Users cannot reproduce, represent, display, modify, adapt and/or translate, whether in part or in whole and whether for free or for financial consideration, the Website and/or any work and material composing the Website, and cannot reproduce, represent, display such translation, modification, adaptation, whether in part or in whole, whether for free or for financial consideration, without the prior and written consent of the Firm.
As an exception to the foregoing, the Law Firm grants to Users the right to download on their personal computer the legal publications and any other documents, property of the Law Firm, which are made available to the Users, in a computer file form, for the express purpose of being downloaded by the Users. With regard to these files, and subject to the specific provisions indicated on these documents, the Users are allowed to keep a copy of the files downloaded, to print these documents and to share them (except for commercial purposes) so long as no modification is made to them.
Any quotation shall necessarily reproduce the title of the document or of the Website where the document is made available, the name of the author and, as appropriate, its date of publication and number.

Hypertext links

The Firm ensures that the Website contains no hyperlink giving direct or indirect access to websites or website pages whose content is contrary to the essential principles of the legal practice and takes all measures necessary to delete them if such website should be deemed as contrary to the essential precepts of the legal practice. The Firm, however, does not undertake legal liability beyond this ethical obligation.
The Website provides links to other websites. The Firm is not responsible or liable for the (i) content, and (ii) the loss, damages or technical errors of your device caused by the viruses, bugs or failure of such other websites.

Other provisions

The Website is strictly limited to personal use by the Users.
The Website and any documents, information and data provided therein are intended to provide non-exhaustive, general information relating to the Law Firm and its areas of business, and cannot be regarded or interpreted as providing legal advice and/or as a canvassing, a solicitation and/or an offer of services.
Users are solely liable for any use of the information contained therein and the Law Firm shall not be held responsible for, and shall be exempt from all liability in respect of any damages, direct, indirect or otherwise, arising from the use of the information provided on the Website by the Users.
The Law Firm does not warrant for the continuous access to the Website, without any interruption.The Law Firm shall not be held liable for damages resulting from fraudulent access by a third party leading to changes in information broadcast on the Website.

Governing law

The use of this Website and the Terms of Use themselves are governed by, construed and interpreted in accordance with, the law of Hungary and all related disputes shall be determined exclusively by the ordinary courts of Hungary.


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